How To: Whiten teeth with cheap household items

Whiten teeth with cheap household items

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cool im gonna try that :P lol (not)

yeah it probably tastes like the inside of a dogs ass!

hey it might work, if u can keep it in your mouth long enough to finish

thats what she said!!!

yum yum lol..

does this #$%@ work?

Evil Laughterr: muwahahahahahahahahahahahuhahahah..loserr.

gross that doesnt even look like milk

I know it looks like glue XD

i pretty sure its condensed milk

My teeth are already sparkling!

does it work for tea too!

it works it works, the only thing i tasted was the salt just make sur everything you use is fresh (ie. milk)

anyone want me to try anything else leave me a message i'll consider it :)

me, if you are going to try it make sure to use mouthwash afterwards and wash out your mouth well cause eggs can carry salmonella in them

what you are talking about is not treu eggwhite has no salmonella only the yellow contains salmonella

pfft, salmonella schmalmonella

lol looks yummy

Anyone have before/after pics of real teeth? Like YOUR real teeth...

Look's cool, but I wouldn't want to put raw egg in my mouth.
Is it really true? does it work!?

i just tried, it works.. but not that well, still worth it :)

u tryed,omg i never would

OMG! any side effects on the teeth?

all u people complaining about the raw egg r retarded. as if you've never licked the spoon when making a cake.... you put raw eggs in that cake mix remember

i want to try it,and yes i agree that the pansies bitching over raw egg are retarded,its not the actual yolk,its only the EGG WHITE,#$%@ing slack jawed yokels.Id try it,but im out of eggs atm.

How long does the whitening last? Anyone?

il try

does it last?

Eggs don't have salmanella. Salmanella comes from the intestinal track of a chicken. It is only even a problem in uncooked chicken because of the the way chicken is processed quickly and efficiently for wholesale.

to jtc28 Eggs can have Salmonella on them as they come out of the cloaca (which is the opening for the chicken's intestinal, reproductive and urinary tracts) but it is on the outside and can be killed by immersing the egg into boiling water for a short time(not long enough to cook the egg) if anyone is really worried

Fast food kills faster idots!

i tried it... it works sorta but it BURNS LIKE $%^# ON YOUR GUMS

The sodium from that amount of salt would be very corrosive to your teeths enamel

thats paint, not milk

doesnt work... just burns your gums.. :-/

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